Celtic Tree Book Promotions

Celtic trees are synonymous with magic and wisdom, and while we don’t claim to be able to perform acts of magic to get your books onto the best sellers lists, what we can offer you is wisdom, and a lot of experience.

With our roots firmly in proof reading, editing and reviewing, our aim is to strengthen the credibility of your book and get it noticed by as many potential readers as possible.

Maybe you already have a successful website and are marketing yourself, but having that extra push to increase exposure and achieve greater recognition and sales can really take the pressure off, allowing you more time to spend on your writing.

Statistically less than 1% of readers will leave a review, no matter how much they loved a book, or how much they promised they would do so. Anyone who has been around the literary scene for a while will tell you even 1% is an optimistic figure. So how do you get the recognition required to persuade new readers to take a chance on your book, or let them know it exists to begin with?

By putting your book in our hands, we reach out to a wealth of enthusiastic readers and reviewers to bring about that much sought after exposure, and a warm embrace by the literary community at large.
2016 could be your year of literary success. Reach out and contact us for further information if you’re looking to launch a new title, reinvigorate previous momentum, give your back catalogue a shot in the arm, or boost sales of any of your titles.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Maggie – celtictreepromo@gmail.com